Monivea, Co. Galway

The challenge was how to build close to the road but in an open field devoid of trees. Integrating new homes into the landscape is something which for generations now we have failed to do well in Ireland.

The layout and forms were informed by traditional farmyards, creating context and spatial definition in a large expanse of flat field.. To preserve the existing hedgerows access was taken from the existing farm access road. The building was designed for a young couple to execute in 3 phases. Our extremely cost effective structural solution for the main body of the house saved so much that all 3 phases could be built together.

A modest driveway leads into a modern yard overlooked by the glass entrance which brings light into the house all day long and by a large vertical stairs window which brings afternoon and evening light deep into the kitchen at the rear whilst illuminating the centre of the home.

The courtyard limestone wall runs into the entrance through which to the south and down three steps the slightly sunken sitting room has panoramic views south and east with discrete blinds controlling solar gain. Total privacy from the road way was achieved by the designed earth berm yet to be finished.

All solar gain here in the stone entryway and the heavy masonry stairway is redistributed around the house reducing heating costs.

Client: Private
Project Completed: 2012


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